Adam Smith

Umpire-In-Chief - Adam currently serves as both UIC for Sunridge Little League and Alberta District 3. Adam is a 3-time Junior Canadian Championship Umpire, 2017 Senior Canadian Championship Umpire, 2018 Europe-Africa Junior Regional Championship Umpire and 2017 Little League International Intermediate World Series Umpire.

Our staff

Rod Deir

Assistant Umpire-In-Chief.

umpire Opportunities

District 3 Umpires

Dave Brazeau

Umpire Development Co-Ordinator - Dave has been involved in Little League Umpiring for 10 years when it all started because no Umpires were scheduled! The rest is history and now Dave attends annual clinics and has attended the Williamsport, PA Weeklong School. Dave's current goal is to Umpire at a Canadian Regional Tournament.

To produce a body of competent, committed and knowledgeable umpires, to meet the needs of Alberta District 3 Little League.  This will be achieved through training and support which focuses on leadership, communication, maturity and continually striving for one’s personal best.

district 3 umpires Purpose

Our Values

Contact the local little league organization in your community!


Attributes your league may be looking for in interested future umpires may be:

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Maturity

  • Great sportsmanship

  • Patience

  • Love of baseball

  • Commitment

Please see below for your local league websites!

  • Skills building
  • Leadership
  • Self confidence
  • Positivity
  • Knowledge of the game
  • Self control
  • Consistency
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Development
  • Personal Growth